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The use of event sponsorship as a marketing tool is on the rise. While the potential benefits of event-based marketing can be great, properly valuing its true potential and balancing benefits versus costs can be a tricky proposition. Event Sponsorship Measurement fills a knowledge gap found in most organizations by providing a high level of expertise in the area of event sponsorship valuation.

While the idea of event sponsorship can be appealing to an organization, especially as this type of marketing becomes more widespread, properly valuing the potential benefits requires the skills of an expert. Like any other marketing investment, cost must be balanced against expected benefit before a decision is made to proceed, and actual benefits must be measured once the sponsored event is complete.

Event Sponsorship Measurement has contributed to the effectiveness of event sponsorship and provided economic impact assessment for event sponsors not only in the Austin, TX area, but also throughout the United States. We apply statistical analysis based on models of event sponsorship to translate data into actionable recommendations for managers of our client organizations.

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