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Event Sponsorship Measurement has expertise in field surveys and online surveys. Survey design is grounded in marketing theory and scholarship throughout the Austin, TX area and beyond. Data analytics and quantitative analysis provide sponsors and venues with crucial consumer insights and managerial action items for brand integration. We not only specialize in the development of effective online surveys but also provide the necessary analytics for conversion of the accumulated survey information into actionable data for our clients.

Event Sponsorship Measurement works with client to determine research objectives. Then we design custom research or online field research from established consumer psychology theory and marketing scholarship. Event Sponsorship Measurement has the expertise needed to work with our clients to first determine precise survey goals and then to design a survey vehicle that will capture the data needed to meet those goals.

Effective survey design is customized to the audience measured. The research design is rigorous and carefully crafted to maximize response rate.

Survey clarity and theory based region is of the utmost importance. Questions come from pre-tested constructs from marketing and consumer psychology scholarship. Pre-tests ensure the development of a clear concise research instrument that is suitable for either field work at events or online.

Experience in data analysis helps sponsors and event venues demonstrate return on investment, event social responsibility and branding effectiveness. Data analysis is then translated into clear action items for brand management and organizational decision makers.

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