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In general terms, ROI, or return on investment, is simply the amount of money gained or lost on an investment. The marketing budget of any organization is an investment in the overall success of the enterprise, and an accurate calculation of the effectiveness, or return, of that investment requires specialized expertise. At Event Sponsorship Measurement, we are highly skilled in the application of solid, theory-based research to effective ROI marketing consultation.

Through our ROI marketing services, we can provide effective consultation to not only gauge a realistic expected return on your planned marketing efforts, but also accurately assess the actual results after the completion of a marketing campaign. We help clients determine the true cost of a planned marketing effort, including often-overlooked cost factors. Even more important is our ability to help accurately determine the even more elusive profit figure attributable to your marketing campaign.

Event Sponsorship Measurement specializes in ROI marketing measurements related to a rapidly emerging marketing channel—sponsorship investment and event marketing. As these marketing channels are used with increasing frequency, the metrics by which their effectiveness is measured are maturing as well. We are fully abreast of the latest theory-based methods of statistical analysis applicable to event marketing and are able to provide a realistic assessment of its results.

Unlike marketing campaigns whose goal is to generate short-term direct profit, the benefits of event marketing and sponsorships are often less tangible and longer-term, such as increased brand awareness and improved consumer purchase intent. Effective ROI marketing consultation for these types of campaigns requires a thorough understanding of the proper theory-based metrics. We possess the level of expertise necessary to evaluate this complex marketing channel.

Event Sponsorship Measurement is an experienced and highly skilled ROI marketing consultant having contributed to the marketing effectiveness of clients not only in the Austin, TX area, but also nationwide.

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